Anyone Can Teach a Pose…

My website is officially up and running. I’m so stoked… probably more than your average person because I am what they call ‘technically challenged!’ I may not have left my house for a week, but I got it done y’all. What I’m most excited for is to start connecting with more of you. That’s the beauty of the world wide web. Reaching people outside my community has always been a dream of mine.

Since I started teaching yoga, I’ve come to realize that a lot of people are still very intimidated by the practice. The reasons vary, but lack of flexibility comes up, A LOT. People also seem to believe they’re too old, too overweight, or too (fill in the blank). Sound like you?

I often think I am lucky to have started my practice before social media was a thing. I had nothing to compare myself too. I didn’t know #questforthepress was a thing. I didn’t know there were more poses than what I was practicing in my lil VHS tape. I was content because I wasn’t preoccupied by the ability of others. I wish more people could experience that.

It’s what continues to drive my teaching today. Anyone can teach a pose, but not everyone can teach the principle. At the end of the day, I want my students to leave class having learned how to make the best choices for themselves. I believe teachers do their students a disservice by only telling them what to do or what to think.

Yoga, for me, is a practice of self inquiry. The physical poses can express our capacity to move, think, and feel. There is a beautiful quote from the lovely Francesca Cervero.

“The magic was never in the shape. The magic was always in the attention that was paid to the shape… If we can show students that self inquiry and awareness and compassion can be found in lots of different kinds of movement, (we) can open student’s eyes to a much more expansive range of possibility for what their practice could be or do.”

In other words, let’s stop focusing on the pose itself. It doesn’t matter how it looks. Instead, how do you feel while you’re in it? Can you feel parts of your body engaging? Does it bring a sense of ease or challenge? What do you want to feel on that particular day? Can you breathe while in the shape? Or is the breath strained or forced? Is there an way you can customize the movement to work with your body instead of against it? Are you rushing through your practice? Do you feel like you’re playing catch-up with the teacher, or do you own the movement?

This practice can be a place to learn about your body. Exactly as it is, in this moment. It’s never too late to start and you certainly don’t need to meet a list of requirements. What’s most important is finding a practice that can equally support, challenge, and nurture you. That will look different for everyone, and it should. It brings me joy to see a room full of people in a pose like downward facing dog while making shapes that are unique to their needs. I love to watch them make individual adjustments such as; bending their knees, turning their hands out, or maybe skipping the pose altogether for an alternative shape. That tells me they are learning how to make the best choice for themselves. That, my friends, is yoga.

What do you struggle with in your yoga practice? Maybe it’s a pose, maybe it’s the breath, maybe you feel pain somewhere, maybe you get bored and loose focus, maybe you struggle to start… it’s all NORMAL! Comment below and let me know what kinds of things you want to learn or need help with. If it’s something private shoot me an email, that works too.

I can’t wait to show you that you can feel good in your body. You just need to learn how. 😉

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